What I Do

Worksmart Women is an online community that challenges and supports working mums who are struggling to prioritize themselves to live life intentionally by providing resources, inspiration, support and training in a community of like-minded women.

It is my hope that by supporting exploration, action and reflection through systematic feedback loops, women will work and live in alignment with own values, achieve their full potential and find fulfilment in their lives.

My Philosophy

I believe

  • That everyone is unique
  • That there is rarely one truth, but multiple truths and perspectives
  • That success looks different for everyone
  • That work-life balance is a myth – there is a mix of work, life, love and play that is uniquely right for you in any given moment
  • There is only a finite amount of time available (stating the obvious, but honestly, there is a limit to what we can do in the time available to us!)
  • We are interdependent and interconnected with so many other people, and that impacts on our life designs – we sometimes have to compromise on “ideals”
  • That designing your life is a work in progress that will never be “done”, but will need to be recalibrated over and over again and again as things change – enjoy the journey!
  • FUN is really important

I believe a lot of other things that I will write a blog about one day, but that will do for here and now

Basically, I’m a bit boring and common sense – a bit of a grown up – but a fun one 🙂

My Methods

But guess what.  I’m going to say something controversial here.

We can’t have it all.

We have to say NO to some things.



We have to get really clear on what we DO want, and then we have to start saying no to those things we don’t want.  It might not be easy to begin with, but you can start building up your no muscles, because you will need them for later, when it starts getting hard.

It’s like minimisation for your work and life.  It like Marie Kondō’ing your every action.  Its decluttering not stuff, but actions.

I know that this sounds scary, and you may not be ready for that journey right now.  That’s ok.  Keep your toe dipped in, and keep checking in, because if you found your way here, you will get here again when you are ready.

For those that are ready to dive in, here’s the thing.  It’s a process.  It’s not linear.  It’s up and down and round and round.  Get ready for the ride.  There will be scary times.

You have to start by getting clarity.

Get clarity on the things you value.

Then you can see the things you don’t value, and make a plan to start eliminating them from your life.  Then you can check in, see how you feel, and move on, further refining your values and further eliminating.  Doing this at a pace that works for you.

My Goals

My vision for you is that you are able to shut out the noise of the outside world,and connect deeply with your inner voice, to really hear your own needs and desires.  This will help you gain clarity on what makes you unique and awesome, as well as your values and what’s important to YOU.  With these indicators, you will be able to measure out how your life is measuring up currently, and where you would like it to go.  You will then chart your course and identify any challenges, and how to overcome them.  You will monitor your progress regularly and have a sense of moving forwards, in the right direction!  You will feel that you are living life intentionally and “on purpose”.

Vision & Values Course

This course will take you through a series of simple and effective exercises that will help you clearly define your values and help you gain clarity on your life’s purpose and your ideal lifestyle.

Purposeful Planning Course

This course will help you set your long term goals and then break them down to yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals.

This is a follow-on course from Vision & Values foundation course.

Accountability for Action Course

This course will help you develop clarity on the systems and processes you need to ensure you stay on track in meeting your goals and working in line with your life’s purpose and your ideal lifestyle.

This course is a follow on from the Purposeful Planning course.

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