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Treat Your Family Like A Business

I’ve been thinking about all the little things it takes to run a household / life, and how many things both I and my husband do to keep things ticking over that we each aren’t aware of – its only when things don’t happen that we realise that someone else has been...

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Who wants to be a mumtrepreneur?

Who wants to be a mumtrepreneur? If being an entrepreneur is the new black, being a mumtrepreneur is the new Gucci handbag. So many well-educated and successful women are having kids and finding out that going back to an inflexible working routine just doesn’t work...

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Can Western Women Save the World?

Do you agree with the Dalai Lama that Western Women will save the World? Recently on Hers By Design, Deb Rock-Evans asked if we believed that the Western Women will Save the World, and referenced this article in the Huffington Post, which referred to a statement that...

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