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Vision & Values Course

This course will take you through a series of simple and effective exercises that will help you clearly define your values and help you gain clarity on your life’s purpose and your ideal lifestyle.


Purposeful Planning Course

This course will help you set your long term goals and then break them down to yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals.

This is a follow-on course from Vision & Values foundation course.


Accountability for Action Course

This course will help you develop clarity on the systems and processes you need to ensure you stay on track in meeting your goals and working in line with your life’s purpose and your ideal lifestyle.

This course is a follow on from the Purposeful Planning course.


What People Are Saying

“Louise is a great listener and manages in an amazing way to hear what you need without you even saying it. She is very intuitive and gives great clarity with her advice. She is a fantastic asset to any business as you walk away from conversations with her with a strong purpose and feeling as if you can achieve anything. The added bonus is knowing that Louise is also super organised and efficient so her advice is always going to be based on the most effective way forward.”


Serial Entrepreneur

“From the first meeting with Louise when she just ‘got me’, the work we have done together has been spot on.  Louise lets me brain dump all my ideas (and let’s me go off slightly on a tangent) and then brings me back in to hone in on the key business drivers. Not only is she really insightful by listening to what I am saying, she is able to come up with an achievable action plan and inspires me to get it done. Friendly – approachable – hospitable, I would have no hesitation in recommending Louise to anyone.”


Business Owner, Tenten Ltd

“Louise is an innovative as well as a practical thinker, and she is very good at shaping and working towards planned outcomes. Throughout my career Louise has helped me work out what I am trying to achieve and then stepped out plans to get to my destination. Her principles of working strengths based and solution focused is inherent in who Louise is. Every time I have come away from a planning session with Louise I have really felt empowered knowing that I have both the knowledge and resources and skills to achieve what I want.”


Social Service Manager


Treat Your Family Like A Business

I’ve been thinking about all the little things it takes to run a household / life, and how many things both I and my husband do to keep things ticking over that we each aren’t aware of – its only when things don’t happen that we realise that someone else has been...

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Who wants to be a mumtrepreneur?

Who wants to be a mumtrepreneur? If being an entrepreneur is the new black, being a mumtrepreneur is the new Gucci handbag. So many well-educated and successful women are having kids and finding out that going back to an inflexible working routine just doesn’t work...

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Can Western Women Save the World?

Do you agree with the Dalai Lama that Western Women will save the World? Recently on Hers By Design, Deb Rock-Evans asked if we believed that the Western Women will Save the World, and referenced this article in the Huffington Post, which referred to a statement that...

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